Spring Tutorial

What is Spring

  • Spring is an open source Java platform and lightweight framework
  • It supports various frameworks such as Hibernate,Struts,EJB etc.
  • It is divided into many parts as below
  • 1.Spring-JDBC
  • 2.Spring-ORM
  • 3.Spring-AOP
  • 4.Spring-MVC
  • 5.Spring-Services(Transaction,Security,JMS,Quartz,Mailing Service)

Spring Goal

  • J2EE should be easier to use
  • It is best to program to interfaces, rather than classes. Spring reduces the complexity cost of using interfaces to zero.
  • JavaBeans offer a great way of configuring applications.
  • OO design is more important than any implementation technology, such as J2EE. Checked exceptions are over used in Java.
  • A platform shouldn't force you to catch exceptions you're unlikely to be able to recover from.
  • Testability is essential, and a platform such as Spring should help make your code easier to test.

What is Spring MVC

  • A model-view-controller framework for Java web application made to simplify the writing and testing of Java web applications.
  • Fully integrates with the Spring dependency injection (Inversion of Control) framework.
  • Open Source Developed and maintained by Interface21, recently purchased by VMWare.






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